Supporting Successful Applicants and Healthcare Providers

HPSA offers several in-person and online course offerings to help students. These courses teach students about health professional school admissions processes and skills to be successful healthcare professionals.

Application Booster
Application Booster is a 10-month online course for current cycle applicants that helps students build their best possible applications for health professional school admission. The focus of this course is on tactical advice for immediate use in the application cycle.

Becoming a Student Doctor
Becoming a Student Doctor is an advanced, six-month, self-paced online course that empowers students to better understand the complexities of the healthcare system and articulate how they see themselves serving within it.

Treating Trans Patients
Treating Trans Patients is a free, self-paced online course that helps aspiring and current healthcare providers understand and provide compassionate care for the transgender community.

Undergraduate Medical Accelerator Program (UMAP)
Administered in partnership with medical schools and area community colleges, this half-day hybrid (in-person and virtual) seminar provides current community college students with the information they need to plan their path to medical school. Information covered includes an overview of the medical school admissions process, prerequisite course requirements, and suggestions for extracurricular activities. In addition, students can get answers from medical school admissions team members, current medical students, and their school student services representatives during a “Resource Roundup” session. If you are a medical school representative interested in offering this project in conjunction with HPSA and your area community college, please get in touch with us for more information.

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