The Health Professional Student Association

About HPSA

Our Vision

Regardless of background or financial status, every student should have the same opportunity to attend a health professional school.

Our Mission

We help students from underserved communities increase their chances for admission to health professional schools.

  • We identify students from underserved communities and provide them donor-supported coaching and advising.
  • We provide a wide range of donor-supported resources and tools to assist students on their educational journey.
  • We promote health care practice in underserved communities to current health care students and doctors.
  • We identify and promote health professional schools, organizations, and associations that historically align with our vision.


Student Doctor Network

SDN is a nonprofit service that provides free advising resources, tools, and peer-support communities to underserved students.

Premed Planner

Plan your path to medical school by tracking your progress from your first day of college all the way to medical school all within this free app.


Using your test date, study availability, and test prep materials, StudySchedule uses computer AI to create a customized and adaptive study plan to help you succeed on the MCAT.

Primary Health Care Access Archives

Currently in progress: transcriptions and images from thirty years of the Primary Health Care Access Conference (1989-2019).

“How To” Guides

These step-by-step guides are intended to help you strengthen your application so that, with some hard work, you can be competitive at any health professional school.

Confidential Consult

Students can get their questions answered by our vetted experts to assist their progression through college and into health professional school.


Our vision and mission are based on years of research.

Founded in 1983 to advance the study and promotion of primary care, our organization has found the key to developing the primary care workforce is to start at the high school and college level. Over the years, research in community health has demonstrated significant healthcare disparities that result in poor health outcomes.

We target our efforts where the research demonstrates we can make the most difference: identifying and assisting undergraduate students that are most likely to practice in underserved communities.

In 1999 our organization founded the Student Doctor Network, which has grown to become the largest website for pre-health and health students across the US and Canada. We have helped 10,000s of students in their quest to become doctors.