Success Stories

Activity Finder Tool

Activity Finder, developed collaboratively with the HPSA SAC, is an award-winning tool that helps students find extracurricular activities.
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Student Doctor Network Forums Community

Student Doctor Network forums community has helped generations of students with high-quality advice and support.
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UMAP Pilot Results

In April 2022, HPSA piloted our Undergraduate Medical Accelerator Program (UMAP) with TCC and OU-TU School of Community Medicine.
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Hear from students who have benefited from our services

“It’s a great resource and lessening my anxiety as I apply for medical schools and check on other people’s progress, getting pointers on my own progress. Thank you!” – SDN 2022 Survey Respondent


“SDN was an invaluable tool for me in helping me get accepted to the program of my choice and it is still helpful to me even after my acceptance!” – SDN 2020 Survey Respondent


“I go back to the pre-dental forums to help students that want to be accepted into dental school. Students on SDN were there for me and I want to now help make sure the next dental school applicant also feels like they are not fighting a losing war.” – SDN 2020 Survey Respondent


“There’s like 10+ years worth of free admissions guides and advice on here that you’d be charged thousands of dollars for elsewhere.” – SDN User DoctoOcto


“Thank you so much for helping moderate forums to make them safe and helpful spaces. I’ve seen that in action and truly appreciate it!” – SDN 2022 Survey Respondent


“I think SDN is a great tool for those that are interested in applying to any healthcare field. It is a guide and allows you to feel at ease knowing you have advice for anything you can possibly ask on the website.” – SDN 2020 Survey Respondent


“It is nice to have other people to go through this process with. The journey is a tough one, no one should have to go at it alone and this website helps to solve that.” – SDN 2020 Survey Respondent