Forums Community Has Helped Generations of Students with High-Quality Advice and Support

For over 20 years, the Student Doctor Network forums community has provided aspiring and current health professional students with a home for admissions and education discussions. Users can share information and offer guidance, giving a helping hand to the students coming up behind them.  

Approximately one million users per month use the forums, posting on average 1300 new posts daily with questions, advice, and encouragement.

Trustworthy Information from Verified Experts

One of the charges leveled against forums is that the information included on them is of dubious quality. However, most members (72%) reported in a 2022 SDN survey that they find the information presented on the forums to be trustworthy. This mirrors a 2019 Tapatalk survey that also found that most internet users found forums to be more trustworthy than Twitter or Facebook.

One reason students find the information trustworthy is the SDN Experts program. SDN members can choose to be verified as current healthcare providers such as physicians, dentists, and veterinarians, as well as faculty members at health professional institutions and residency programs. This allows new members to determine valid sources of information.

As part of the Experts program, SDN offers a Confidential Expert Advice forum where students may anonymously ask questions of the panel of experts. This service allows students to get their advising questions answered, even if they don’t have access to advising services through their educational institution. Having the panel review questions means that students receive a variety of perspectives on their issues.

Students Appreciate Forums Community

Students appreciate having the SDN forums community as a source of information and support. Here are some member quotes from the 2022 survey:

“SDN has helped me a lot on my med school journey and I’ve enjoyed helping future students! This is a great resource.”

“Thank you so much for helping moderate forums to make them safe and helpful spaces. I’ve seen that in action and truly appreciate it!”


“It’s a great resource and lessening my anxiety as I apply for medical schools and check on other people’s progress, getting pointers on my own progress. Thank you!”

“I have really enjoyed using the forums as a way to connect with other struggling pre-meds throughout the application process. It has allowed me to feel less alone throughout this and find support in strangers online!”

Give Back to the Forums Community

Give back to the Student Doctor Network forums community by donating to support its continued operation.

You can also give back by serving as an SDN Expert in the community. Please contact us if you are interested in having your SDN forums account verified as an Expert.