Build your students' confidence to become successful healthcare professionals with this proven curriculum

Building on admissions basics or career discernment courses, Becoming a Student Doctor provides an in-depth dive to help aspiring healthcare providers discover their professional mission. Your students will identify the challenges and competencies to be successful through their education and career.

Help your students become competitive applicants and strong healthcare professionals by bringing Becoming a Student Doctor to your institution.

Partner Testimonials

“The South Louisiana AHEC Scholars Program has taken a giant leap forward in enhancing the learning journey of aspiring healthcare professionals. Integrating the HPSA curriculum into our program has opened doors to increased knowledge and growth.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration between South Louisiana AHEC and the HPSA team. Together, we’ve created a learning experience that fuses the best of both worlds – local expertise and nationwide insights. The integration of HPSA’s curriculum into our program supports our mutual commitment to embracing diversity in healthcare. We believe a well-rounded education transcends boundaries and prepares us to provide the best care for all.”
Brooke Voorhies, Director of Career and Professional Education, Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center

Students get results

Students who have completed Becoming a Student Doctor understand their mission and can articulate it to admissions committees. Here are some selected student results:

    • Received a full cost-of-attendance scholarship to a premier state medical school

    • Earned top quartile scores on both Casper and PREview



“For me, it’s strengthened my resolve to be an advocate for primary care.”
Course Participant

Constant Curation Ensures Up-To-Date Content

Dynamic forces influence health care – such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Dobbs decision, science distrust, diversity/inclusion, and extreme weather events due to climate change. Becoming a Student Doctor is updated and curated continuously to address current events and areas of importance and concern to students.

Curriculum Topics

Topics covered in the course include:

  • ▪ National healthcare priorities
  • ▪ Healthcare shortages
  • ▪ Interprofessionalism
  • ▪ Academic competencies
  • ▪ Pre-professional competencies
  • ▪ Embracing inclusion
  • ▪ Systems competencies
  • ▪ Situational judgment development
  • ▪ Making a school list
  • ▪ The voyage ahead


The course was presented at the Academy of Professionalism in Health Care conference in October 2022.

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Includes Situational Judgment Test Prep!



 “Great opportunities to practice having those conversations, especially when it comes to really tricky stuff.”
Course Participant

Hear What People Are Saying

“I feel much more prepared and enlightened.”

“I would recommend this course to other students considering health professional school because it provides reliable resources on health topics such as diversity in healthcare, the healthcare system, and resources for the different exams like Multiple Mini Interviews and AAMC PREview.”

“There’s a lot that got presented that isn’t content that I thought about prior. Climate change and health care delivery is a great example of this.”

Post-course survey feedback

Meet Your Course Presenter Emil Chuck, Ph.D.

Director of Advising Services

Emil Chuck, Ph.D. (he/him) is the Director of Advising Services for the Health Professional Student Association. He brings over 15 years of experience as a health professions advisor and an admissions professional for medical, dental, and other health professions programs. In this role for HPSA, he looks forward to continuing to play a role for the next generation of diverse healthcare providers to gain confidence in themselves and to be successful members of the inter-professional healthcare community.

Help Your Students on their Journey

Help your students to be successful applicants by bringing Becoming a Student Doctor to your institution. Schedule a meeting today with Emil Chuck, the course curator and instructor.

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