Emil Chuck, Ph.D., Director of Advising Services for the Health Professional Student Association, will present an interactive situational judgment test workshop at the UC Davis Prehealth Conference. The conference will be held on October 15, 2022, in Davis, California. 

Dr. Chuck will cover the following topics during the workshop, which will be held twice during the conference:

· An overview of situational judgment tests, such as Altus Casper, AAMC PREview, and questions from multiple mini interviews

· Results and insights from a poll conducted by HPSA about student experiences with situational judgment tests

· How students can strengthen their situational judgment

· An interactive activity where students will be able to develop their responses to different scenarios and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed response with the workshop participants

“Students have many concerns about these tests, which are becoming increasingly common in admissions for different health professional programs,” said Dr. Chuck. “Health professional programs have implemented these exams to identify if applicants have a mature approach to conflict resolution and the ability to see problems from different perspectives.”

“With this workshop, I hope to help students learn how to approach these types of questions and to think critically about situations that don’t have a clear solution,” Dr. Chuck continued. “We cover these topics in great detail in our Becoming a Student Doctor course, which helps students understand the complexities of the healthcare system and articulate how they see themselves serving within it.”

“We are excited to bring some of the ideas from Becoming a Student Doctor to the UCD Prehealth Conference attendees,” said Laura Turner, Executive Director of HPSA. “Dr. Chuck has a wealth of experience in admissions and how these tests are being used. We aim to alleviate student concerns about situational judgment tests and give them tools to navigate these questions.”

HPSA Situational Judgment Test Survey

In preparation for the workshop, HPSA has surveyed students to understand what they have experienced as they have taken these tests. The online survey was conducted from September 15 – October 10, 2022. 

“While this poll was not scientific, it does give some insight into how students perceive these tests,” said Dr. Chuck. “There was a lot of consistency in the responses we received describing student concerns with these tests.” The results of this survey will be presented in the workshop.

For more information on the UCD Prehealth Conference, including registration, please visit https://prehealthconference.ucdavis.edu/.

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