New course designed to help students applying to health professional school in 2022

Today, the Health Professional Student Association opened registration for its inaugural session of Application Booster. Application Booster is a ten-month course designed to help students build their best possible application for admission to health professional school.

Registration for the 2022 Application Booster program is available now through February 28.

The course is designed for students applying to health professional schools in the 2022-2023 cycle and includes the following elements:

  • > “Concise Advice” content targeted to their current point in the application cycle
  • > Worksheets and assignments to help students prepare their application materials
  • > Accountability group to help course members stay on track with their applications
  • > Monthly sessions with an applications expert so students can practice their “elevator pitch” and responses to situational judgment questions

“Many students need more support during their application process than their university can provide, or they don’t have access to advising services,” said Emil Chuck, Director of Advising Services for HPSA. “We wanted to provide a way to help students work  through the challenging application process.”

The course is available for $99.50. Course membership includes lifetime access to future sessions of the program. In addition, Gold and Lifetime Donor members of the Student Doctor Network forums receive free access to the course as a member benefit.

Scholarships Are Available

HPSA is also making several Application Booster scholarships available to students on a first-come, first-served basis who graduated from high schools in medically underserved areas.

“Research has shown that students who are from shortage areas, both rural and urban, that become healthcare providers are more likely to practice in shortage areas,” said Laura Turner, Executive Director of HPSA. “Offering scholarships to help students from these areas gain admission to health professional programs supports our organizational mission of encouraging practice in underserved areas.”

Please complete the eligibility form to be considered for an Application Booster scholarship.

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