The Health Professional Student Association today announced the beta availability of a new tool to help students become healthcare professionals: Activity Finder. Activity Finder is a web-based tool that allows premed students to find extracurricular activities that will help support their medical school application.

Features of Activity Finder available in the beta release include:

> Listings of resources to help find online shadowing, research, and volunteer opportunities, as well as medical/clinical jobs

> Job search for common premed paid clinical jobs with an integrated Career One Source search

General release will be in January 2022. In addition to the beta functionality, Activity Finder will include detailed insight on how students can approach physicians for shadowing opportunities and researchers for open positions.

The development of Activity Finder was completed using The Opportunity Project “sprint” framework and submitted as an entrant in the Open Data for Good Grand Challenge. On December 14, 2021, it was announced that Activity Finder had been selected as a Challenge winner in the Health and COVID-19 category.

“The HPSA Student Advisory Council identified the need to help students to find extracurricular activities. In particular, students who have limited access to advising support and no one in their personal networks who can help them find extracurricular activities are often at a disadvantage when trying to improve their medical school application,” said Laura Turner, Executive Director for HPSA. “With Activity Finder, we provide a ‘one stop shop’ where students can search for different types of activities.”

“We were excited to learn that our project was selected as a winner of the Open Data for Good Grand Challenge, but we are more excited about launching the application to students so they can start using it to find extracurricular activities,” she concluded.

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