Dr. Chuck will conduct workshops at the ASPBP and UCD conferences on preparing for interviews and situational judgment tests, as well as present about the Other Impactful Experiences essay.

Emil Chuck, PhD, Director of Advising Services for the Health Professional Student Association, will present on admissions topics at two conferences in October. 

The Association of STEMM Pathway and Bridge Virtual Conference on October 4-5, 2023, will feature two presentations by Dr. Chuck. With “Helping Your Students/Alumni Write About ‘Other Impactful Experiences’,” he will lead a discussion about how advisors can support students as they approach the Other Impactful Experiences essay. Situational Judgment Tests will be discussed in “Making the Right Moves: Building Preprofessional Skills with the HPSA Situational Judgment Workshop.”

The UC Davis Prehealth Conference on October 14, 2023, will feature two workshops to help students prepare for the application process. Dr. Chuck will help students develop an answer to a common interview question with his “Making Your First Impression Count: Tell Me About Yourself” workshop. “Preparing for the ‘Unpreparable’: Situational Judgment and Competency Assessments,” featured at UC Davis for the second year, helps students sharpen their ethical reasoning skills to better prepare for situational judgment tests.

“Situational Judgment Tests are becoming increasingly common in admissions, but students often are unclear how to approach preparation for these assessments,” said Dr. Chuck. “HPSA conducts an annual SJT experiences survey to find out what students have encountered as they take these tests, and I will be sharing our findings from last year with attendees along with our recommendations for how students can sharpen their skills in responding to the ethical scenarios presented.”

Dr. Chuck has written advice about the Other Impactful Experiences essay for the Student Doctor Network and will discuss how students can present their unique journey toward a healthcare career.

“The Other Impactful Experiences essay, currently being used in medical school and residency applications, gives applicants a unique opportunity to share aspects of their story that may not be highlighted in other parts of their application,” continued Dr. Chuck.

If you want to bring one of these workshops to your students, please get in touch with us for more information.

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