The Health Professional Student Association reaffirms its mission to support all aspiring healthcare providers as they seek the education and training needed to return to their communities and address disparities in healthcare. We acknowledge the challenges these students may face in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions on admissions, LGBTQ+ rights, and loan forgiveness.

We will continue to support current and future health professional students who grew up in marginalized communities and faced significant hurdles to achieve their dreams as healthcare professionals. As we have done for almost three decades, we are ready to nurture a diverse workforce and improve community health by providing no-cost, high-quality, and donor-supported resources and partnerships to guide students as they become professionals.

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News May 30, 2024

The Student Doctor Network to Celebrate its 25th Anniversary Throughout 2024

The Student Doctor Network, published by 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization the Health Professional Student Association (HPSA), marks its 25th anniversary on December 1, 2024. Throughout...
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News April 02, 2024

New study suggests link between Casper scores and MCAT performance

Future doctors are tested on critical thinking and problem-solving in admissions exams. Applicants with strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills on the Medical College Admissions Test...
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News February 05, 2024

Groundbreaking 2023 SJT Survey Completed

2023 SJT Survey Reveals Insights into Medical School Applicants’ Performances on Situational Judgment Assessments The Health Professional Student Association (HPSA) unveiled a comprehensive...
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