Effective April 15, 2023, HPSA published an updated version of one of the free resources it provides students, the 100-Day MCAT Study Schedule. The plan provides students a framework to structure their studying for this critical test.

An SDN forums user, Nymeria, generated the original version of the 100-Day Study Schedule. Using the original program, she improved her score from the 30th to the 90th percentile. Since her original plan was published, the Student Doctor Network has published updated versions regularly based on feedback from additional SDN users.

“Many students have used the original plan to study for the MCAT,” said Laura Turner, Executive Director of HPSA. “This year, based on input from our SDN community, we revamped the schedule completely with the materials that students recommended.” 

“The schedule covers all the subject areas students will see on the test – Biology, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Behavioral Sciences (Psychology and Sociology), and Critical Analysis and Reasoning,” Ms. Turner continued, “Students following the plan will complete thousands of practice questions and four practice tests as part of their preparation.”

“We are excited to provide the 2023 version of the 100-Day MCAT schedule as one of our free student resources.”

For students who prefer a customized study plan, HPSA also publishes StudySchedule, which allows students to specify their study materials, areas of strength and weakness, and timeframe to develop a custom plan to prepare for the MCAT.

To view the schedule and learn more, visit the Student Doctor Network.

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